The Two Cities Marathon and Half-Marathon is a fun-filled and unforgettable experience - for athletes and spectators. Our athletes thrive on spectactor-energy and appreciate your support. Let your energy and enthusiasm show! You will notice that many athletes have their names printed on their event (number) bibs - you can cheer them on personally, shouting out their names loud and clear, clang a cowbell and keep them smiling. 

There are many great spots to watch the race, so bring your lawn chair, a cup of coffee and your enthusiasm. You may have to walk about a block or so from your car due to road closures, so wear comfortable shoes. (If you plan to move around to different locations during the race - and we hope you do - be sure to download a road closure map.)

Here are some suggested viewing locations

Shepherd and Friant - mile 3 for Fresno and Clovis Half Marathons; mile 12 for Fresno Half Marathon; miles 16 and 25 for Full Marathon (access by foot/bike through Woodward Park)

  • Shepherd and Millbrook - miles 1 and 2 for Fresno and Clovis Half Marathon; miles 1 and 15 for Full Marathon (access by n/b Millbrook)

  • Shepherd and Cedar - turn around point (mile 1) for Fresno Half Marathon; mile for Full Marathon (access by Cedar/Champlain)

  • Shepherd and Willow - miles 3 and 13 for Full Marathon (access by Willow or Shepherd, east of Willow)

  • Trail Overpass on Villa Avenue, just south of where Villa becomes Minnewawa, across from Clovis Fire Station #3 - approximately miles 5 and 10 for Full Marathon (access by Herndon to n/b Villa)

  • Pollasky Avenue, between Sierra and 8th Street in Old Town Clovis - miles 6 and 7 Full Marathon (access by s/b Villa to e/b Sierra)

  • 5th Street and Hughes, near Clark Intermediate School and Clovis Veteran's Memorial Building - mile 8 of full marathon (access by n/b or s/b Sunnyside to w/b Fourth or Fifth Streets or w/b Third to s/b Hughes)

  • Copper and Friant - miles 5 and 10 of Half Marathon; miles 18 and 23 for Full Marathon (access by w/b Copper Ave.)

  • Friant near Willow - turn around point for the Fresno Half Marathon and Full Marathon (access by n/b Willow)

A Spectator Tip

Find out your athlete's anticipated pace and calculate what time he or she will likely pass these locations so you'll be there on time. Bring a bunch of balloons or a sign so your athlete can easily spot you. And don't forget that Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 a.m. on Race Day, so be sure to set your clocks back. Have fun!